About the CREW

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How the Juice Feasting CREW Formed

Juice Feasting has always been blessed with beautiful synchronicities, and amazing, dedicated people surrounding and supporting it.

In the Spring of 2013, just as David Rainoshek was reaching the end of 24 months of massive updates to a new release of the 92-Day Juice Feasting Nutrition Program, Chris Whitcoe called right on time with a proposal to set up a 5-Day Feast, to be coached as a group in a similar style to the Liver Flush they had coached in 2009-10. On board was Chris’ partner and long-time coach herself, Erika Henson. All three had many years experience studying and teaching Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw/Vegan Cuisine and leading Juice Feasts.

Fortunately, the depth, scope, and creation of the Juice Feasting CREW was swift. David, Chris, and Erika had a singularity of vision about the needs of individuals and society, and how to make healing significant, accessible, and relevant to a diverse community of people. David had just returned from two years in Ecuador, where, with his colleague Mike Croteau, he had developed a new teaching model of online presentations (see B12Exposed and HyperLearning) and the complex internet systems development and design required to offer them with clarity. Everything was ready to come together for YOU.

Below, we have outlined for you the deep features of our approach to coaching, healing, working together, and creating for YOU the best healing experience possible.

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Meaningful Relationships

As students, we have always found our learning experience has thrived in the presence of teaching teams that thoroughly love what they do, honor and enhance each others strengths, have a shared vision, and treat the needs and interests of their students as paramount. You have found such a team of Crew Leaders here, and we would not have it any other way.

We have each developed ourselves and our work over these many years because it is meaningful to us and those we teach, and we love seeing the exciting results again and again and again (who ever tires of seeing people feel better and more alive?). For the three of us, to be able to work together teaching Juice Feasting in this fashion is both a great joy and an honor, and such a harmony of relationship is what you deserve, and what we extend to you for all the Juice Feasts we do together.

Seasoned Coaching

Each of us has been professionally coaching and teaching for over 10 years. Personal work with clients and students is a passion of ours, from daily 1-on-1 coaching calls over 92-Day Juice Feasts, group cleanses, interviews, lectures, online presentations, and live events, we continue to show up in service to YOU.

The toughest thing about doing what we do?  Seeing unnecessary suffering and untapped potential – particularly in anyone who wants genuine change, deep health, and real traction to fulfill their life’s Unique Self Purpose (the thing – or things – that only you can do). As you will see, our approach to Juice Feasting is what is your health in service to? Juice Feasting is a skillful means for health and healing of so many things – but beyond that – what is the Unique Self Purpose of your life that includes, but transcends, the benefits of Juice Feasting and Integrated Nutrition?

We are real people, and have eaten everything imaginable on the Spectrum of Diet, from microwaved gummi bears and YooHoo to the most highly developed Superfood and Tonic Elixirs ever had in human history. We have healed our own major health challenges through struggle, despair, discovery, and blessed renewal using many of the Life Practices we teach in the Juice Feasting CREW. Having been there, our coaching is decidedly non-judgemental, yet discerning and insightful, based on living what we coach from bottom to top, and having coached and taught tens of thousands of hours with clients and students.

Deep Healing Practices

The Seasonal CREW Juice Feasts are based on David Rainoshek’s Juice Feasting Program with a track record of over 10 years and hundreds of thousands of students having successfully learned how to Juice Feast as a Life Practice. From the Juice Feasting Prep Course to the Nightly Live Coaching Calls with exciting Topics, Observations, Shared Experiences and Questions & Answers to the CREW Members Forum, we provide only the best Healing Life Practices and Support that we have discovered and developed over more than three decades of combined training, life experience, professional teaching and coaching (was that a run-on sentence? Well, its true).

And all of this is in service to YOUR…

Unique Self Purpose

The Juice Feasting CREW Program, Coaching, and Community Resources have been consciously designed for YOUR significant developmental and evolutionary traction. We mean business: not just in service to your health, but also the growth of your capacities to actualize your Unique Self Purpose: the thing(s) that only YOU (and no one else) can do in this life. In all our conversations, materials, and live coaching, actualizing your Unique Self Purpose will be both an underlying theme, and a direct and meaningful topic to put the entire Juice Feast and the CREW community as a whole in clear perspective.

To learn more about the Juice Feasting CREW and how to join a Free Live Call-in to “Sample the Juice,” as it were, click the link below. We look forward to knowing you and what we can do together to craft a deeper, more meaningful ability to improve ourselves, this community, and others who have been waiting for something like this to come along and significantly change their life for the better. See you inside!

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