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CREW-ClickBank-ImageHere’s to YOU, Affiliate Marketer!

Yes, You! Thank you for joining us to co-create intelligent, accessible solutions to our expanding health crises.  Juice Feasting was developed over 10 years ago to answer the needs of a population inundated by health challenges, whose underlying causes are legion: agribusiness excesses,  Big Pharma, processed so-called food, sedentary lifestyles, massive advertising, and a failure of professionals at all levels of society to encourage the deep, meaningful evolution of individuals.

But just as the “bad news” seems insurmountable, brilliant solutions to our challenges are coming in from all over. Enter Juice Feasting. Not fasting, but Feasting.

Developed by David Rainoshek in 2004, the foundation is simple, the effects profound: 4 Quarts or more of fresh juice a day to nourish your body with all the calories it requires, but turning on and dialing up a cleansing, healing, and rebuilding physiology with a dramatic range and depth of healing benefits that can be accomplished while living your daily life. Hundreds of thousands have Juice Feasted over the last decade, for up to 92 Days at a time.

The Juice Feasting CREW has been developed by seasoned coaches David Rainoshek, Chris Whitcoe, and Erika Henson (each with over 10 years experience in professional coaching)  to create a unique Juice Feasting environment supported by daily coaching and the benefit of sharing the Hero’s Journey experience with a dedicated community. Welcome to another significant evolution of Juice Feasting.

We are so pleased to be at the exciting leading edge of co-creativity and evolutionary transformative development with you, on the Hero’s Journey of Healing, Health, and Self-Actualization…

The Juice Feasting CREW has been created as a living crucible for hosting the best coached Juice Feasting available. We are serious about Life Transformation. And now we bringing YOU as an Affiliate the best of our work to freely offer to your community that will pay off exceedingly well financially, professionally, personally, and globally.


7 Reasons to Evolve with The Juice Feasting CREW

1. You Encourage the Best Things Possible

At this point – with everything on the table being integrated in more profound – and profoundly useful and attractive ways – why not encourage the very best things for people in their lives? For more than two decades, we have vetted tens of thousands of books, videos, articles, research papers, interviews, advocates, websites, images, and more to create our teaching, businesses, and health practices, including David Rainoshek’s world-renown 92-Day Juice Feasting Program and our professional coaching programs.

Only the best perspectives, the most cutting edge technologies, the most visually appealing and tastefully presented information, insights, and Life Practices make it into Juice Feasting. The Juice Feasting CREW has launched, and is available to send to your community. You can promote it with the confidence that it is absolutely top-shelf, from the research and conception, to the design, presentation, usability, and accessibility (Juice Feasting is on its own dedicated server for lightning-fast page and download speeds). Which brings us to…

2. Joint-Venture (JV) 100% Reliability.

After years of research and experience with marketing, Juice Feasting is going with an affiliate’s dream: ClickBank (see how to generate your affiliate code in minutes, below on this page). ClickBank itself pays all its affiliates on time, every time, to the tune of billions of dollars in the emerging market of online affiliate campaigns.

No matter what we are doing at Juice Feasting (designing a new webinar, doing isometric training, sleeping, traveling) you get paid for all your leads who purchase the The Juice Feasting CREW or the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program. The webinar system we have integrated into the Juice Feasting platform has a stellar tracking system, which means that you get paid for every lead who joins, on time, every time. Amazing. We then apply this to…


3. Incredible Technology at Your Fingertips.

David Rainoshek is setting the stage for being one of the hottest names in digital publishing by having a 100% success rate in our product launches.

We carefully test, refine and adapt all our products to ensure your subscribers get great value time and time again. David develops and launch significant programs in the personal growth industry, such as the Juice Feasting Program, The B-12 Exposed Course, The MicroAlgae Webinar, the HyperLearning Webinar and Course, and The Juice Feasting CREW.

All projects are hosted on our own lightning-quick dedicated server, integrated with Amazon S3, use ClickBank for affiliate tracking and payments, and have customer service available 7 days a week to assist all your leads, so they can fully access…


4. Top-notch Writing and Research.

The creator of Juice Feasting, David Rainoshek, M.A., has read over 3,500 books, given countless lectures and presentations, coached clients for tens of thousands of hours, and is constantly engaged in HyperLearning. To be an excellent writer, it helps to read, and lead. From creating the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program to researching and writing There is a Cure for Diabetes with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, designing the B-12 Exposed Course, the MicroAlgae Webinar, developing the Soapinar Webinar, and the HyperLearning Webinar and Course, you can be certain that the thousands of hours of research and training by David Rainoshek will be at your disposal to enlighten, uplift, and enlightain your list.

The Juice Feasting CREW Program is designed not only to help your community, or to make money, but to make YOU LOOK GOOD. The better your resources and offerings, the higher regard your list will have for everything you do, including…


5. Cutting-Edge Life Practices: Traction for Your Evolutionary Development

American philosopher Ken Wilber has coined the term “Life Practices” to describe significant practices in your life that you can take all the way. Many things come and go in life, but these things can form the rock-solid foundation of a significant life of creative meaning and purpose. At Juice Feasting, we seek for you as an affiliate a self-actualized life – your life at its highest expression. Not only do our projects make you look good when you promote them, but your fascinating and deeply engaged life makes us look good, as well.

Live deeply and prosper… that is what Spock really meant…

6. Super Affiliate Payments

On each product sold, you as the Affiliate make more than we do as the creator of the cool product. Why? Because it is the world – you – that make the projects worthwhile – and we want to make it absolutely, from every known angle, a great investment of your time and your list’s attention to promote Juice Feasting. Going out of our way from the quality of the products, to the level at which we show our appreciation for your promotion, is part of the deep satisfaction we get from doing this amazing work.

7. Easy Affiliate Links and Tools

By going with ClickBank, Juice Feasting has made it easy to promote each of our product launches. A two-minute visit for a free ClickBank ID will give you all you need to generate unique links for each launch, all paid to your same ClickBank account and delivered automatically, on time, every time, to your bank account. Each time a new project is launched, you will be notified of the opportunity to make some seriously cool profits.

Below are the Three Moves: all you need to promote The Juice Feasting CREW Program.

Thank you for being on, and encouraging, the leading edge of human growth, creativity, insight, and collaboration.



Stay Sharp,

David Rainoshek, M.A.
creator of The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program
and RevolutionaryWebinars.com


The Juice Feasting CREW launches on  June 1, 2013
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This ClickBank Affiliate ID (Account Nickname) can be used to promote numerous projects – including the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program, so it is well worth your 2 minutes to get one!

You will use this Affiliate ID for years for numerous launches of other projects by the CREW Leaders here at the Juice Feasting CREW.

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Create Your Affiliate Links Here!

Enter your ClickBank Affiliate ID:
Copy/Paste the next two lines of text right into your Facebook Post: Check out the Juice Feasting CREW! 5-Day Group Juice Feast coming up! http://tinyurl.com/oggcqgz

[Email Subject]: Your Best Way to Heal… Juice Feasting

[Email Body]

Juicing, done right, takes you back in time while living your daily life - when done with a little-known secret: Juice Feasting.

This has been one of the top Life Practices I have ever taken on in my life, and I wanted you to know about the event coming up so you could personally learn first-hand from the best.

The creator of the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program is releasing a new 5-Day Juice Feasting CREW experience, and you are invited.

==> Learn About the Juice Feasting CREW

Join David Rainoshek, M.A., Chris Whitcoe, M.A., and Erika Henson for a 5-Day coached Juice Feast, with nightly 1-2 hour LIVE calls for Crew Members, including compelling topics and Questions and Answers.

If you are wanting a Seasonal Health Upgrade that can be applied year-round… done with top experts in the fields of cleansing and life transformation… this one is for YOU.

Hundreds of thousands of people have Juice Feasted in the last decade, and now you can access a deep group coaching experience to share in the Hero's Journey, the healing, support, and triumph of developing such a dramatically uplifting Life Practice.

Juice Feasting turns on anti-aging genes, brightens your skin, improves sleep, dramatically increases flexibility, sharpens your mind, reduces weight and chronic pain… all while you live your daily life.

Juice Feasting is amazing, and I highly encourage you to check out the Juice Feasting CREW for their next Feast!

==> Learn About the Juice Feasting CREW


P.S. You can get in on a Free LIVE Pre-Event Call-in with Questions and Answers by clicking here:



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IMPORTANT: You have TWO different links: a Raw Affiliate Link, and a Tinyurl link.

The Raw Affiliate Link you can use everywhere. The Tinyurl link you can use everywhere except in your emails. If you use the tinyurl link created above in your emails, they will not deliver. That is internet-wide for everyone and all tinyurl links generated for anything (and not just RevWeb). Email services don’t like tinyurls or bit.ly… so for your email campaigns only use your Raw Affiliate Link above, and you are golden!!! If you did not know this about tinyurls, you are now more knowledgeable than you were a minute ago!

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HOWEVER, there is an even better way to generate beautiful links for all your Affiliate Links for all projects anywhere for all time that look like this:


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REMEMBER: This is optional. I love self-reliance, and am teaching you how to be the best sharer and promoter of the most excellent things possible online. If this Optional Move to make Beautiful Links is beyond you for now, cool. Just use your Raw Affiliate Link for anything (including email) – and the tinyurl link for anything except your emails, and you are golden!

That’s it! Thank you for promoting The Juice Feasting CREW!!!


Stay Sharp,

David Rainoshek, M.A.
creator of The 92-Day Juice Feasting Program
and RevolutionaryWebinars.com