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==> The NEXT 5-Day CREW Juice Feast is Sept 13-21, 2013 <==


Four Quarts of Fresh Juice a Day to Health and Healing
with the Creator of the Juice Feasting Program

Welcome to the Juice Feasting CREW!

YOU are in for a very, very nice life adventure! Join David Rainoshek, Erika Henson, and Chris Whitcoe: three seasoned coaches who will prepare you and coach you into, through, and out of an incredible 5-Day Juice Feast while you continue your daily life at home and work.

Over the last 10 Years, Juice Feasting has been valued and loved as a Life Practice by hundreds of thousands of people. NOW you can get in with the Juice Feasting CREW on a 5-Day Coached Juice Feast that will introduce you to this practice, and considerably upgrade your health, your community of support, your understanding of health and nutrition, and your enjoyment of cleansing.

So What is Juice Feasting? Basically, Juice Feasting is drinking 4 Quarts of Fresh Juice each day, leaving out solid food for a few days, which does something very, very special (what some modern-day web geeks would call a “lifehack”). This solid amount of juice feeds your body all the calories and nutrients it requires, but places you in a significant cleansing physiology. This gives your body all the permission and room in the world to CLEANSE, REBUILD, REHYDRATE, and ALKALIZE.

Juice Feasters have applied this practice for up to 92 Days to help:

Lose Weight, Reduce & Eliminate Chronic Pain, Improve Sleep, Increase Oxygenation, Lower Blood Sugar, Increase Energy, Sharpen One’s Mind, Strengthen Digestion, Relieve and End Constipation, and Reduce the Underlying Causes of Many Diseases and Health Challenges.

Oh yes(!) and to establish Juice Feasting as one of the most valuable Life Practices a person can ever access – which will be a skill and technology you will have for the rest of your life, come what may.

No matter where you eat on the Spectrum of Diet – YooHoo, Arby’s, Organic Chicken, The Moosewood Cookbook, Vegan, Raw/Live Vegan, or Integrated… we have been there. The perspectives and experience you will access through your CREW Leaders David Rainoshek, Chris Whitcoe, and Erika Hanson will be vast, deep, insightful, hilarious, and will probably save you numerous pitfalls or years of struggle, uncertainty, and waffling… our interest has been, and always will be – health. Beyond dogma and gurus there is an integrated CREW. We’ll meet you there. Please join us for our next exciting Juice Feast!

ON THIS PAGE Below you will see a preview of the elements we have for you on the Juice Feast:

==> Nightly LIVE Coaching Calls with the CREW Leaders and Community of Feasters
==> Nightly Topics and Ample Time for Questions and Answers (calls will be 60 minutes each)
==> The Entire Juice Feasting Prep Course by creator David Rainoshek
==> The Crew Member Forums for Sharing, Discussion, and Support
==> The Juice Feasting CREW Bonus Pack

Right now – before you even review the information below – we can tell you that this kind of presentation, information, teaching, coaching, and sharing would be a bargain at several hundred dollars… but our passion is to make Juice Feasting accessible to YOU.

Take a look around, and when you are ready, click through below to get in NOW. Spaces are limited, as we will be doing this LIVE with you every night of the Feast!






We invest our time and passion for coaching and healing in YOU.

We do 8 LIVE calls on the schedule seen above, which go for 1 hour a night or until all questions are answered and everyone is set and ready for the next Day.

Each call is Recorded and Posted on the Juice Feasting CREW Member site only. You will be able to listen to all the calls again on the beautiful CREW website.

Here is the schedule of calls, each night at 5:33 pm PST:

Friday (before the Feast)
Sunday (before Day 1)
Monday – Friday (Days 1-5)
Saturday (Juice Feast Closing)

Each Night of the Feast one of the Crew Leaders will present 1-3 topics on: Integrated Health and Nutrition; Physical and Emotional Cleansing and Healing; How Juice Feasting bears on Self Actualization; Authentic and Unique Self Discovery and Development; The Spectrum of Diet; Juice Feast Closing; and much more (you will get some hints in the Juice Feasting Bonus Pack highlighted below).



We aren’t a bunch of yahoos – although we do have a good time. We didn’t just gin this program up on the interwebs, either, or proclaim ourselves – after drinking a few glasses of juice and doing a short cleanse – qualified to coach you. We take YOUR health, and our professional work, very seriously.

David Rainoshek is the creator of the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program (and the author of a growing list of books), and he and Chris Whitcoe each have an M.A. in Live Food Nutrition with Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Erika Henson received her BA from NYU (New York University) studying neuroscience, behavioral psychology, marriage and family psychology, creative arts therapies, and health and wellness.

We each have over a decade of professional coaching under our belts, as well as a many thousands of gallons of Green Vegetable Juice and Smoothies, hundreds of days of cleansing and Juice Feasting, and some excellent cleansing & healing stories we will regale you with on the Feast. But click our photos above to learn a little more on who you’re about to Juice with.



By the End of the Juice Feasting Prep Course You Will Have Covered in-Depth the Importance of Juice Feasting, and how to Properly Prepare for a Successful Feast. Juice Feasting is the Product of over 10 Years of Professional Research! You Will Have Access to the Full Juice Feasting Preparation Course as a guidebook for Educating Yourself and Your Loved Ones About The Best Way to Cleanse, Rebuild, Rehydrate, and Alkalize, in Addition to a Solid Week of Coaching with CREW Leaders David Rainoshek, Chris Whitcoe, and Erika Henson.






  • Every Juice Feaster Experiences the Classic Stages of The Hero’s Journey as Outlined by Mythologist Joseph Campbell

  • Refrigerator Broken? Hero’s Journey. Massive Upheaval at Work During Your Feast? The Hero’s Journey.

  • Has Someone Helped You at Just the Moment You Were at Your Greatest Risk? The Hero’s Journey.

  • Have You Struggled and Dealt with Incredible Hardship, Only to Find Out Afterwards That the Struggle Was Essential to Your Strength and Success as a Person? The Hero’s Journey.

  • In this Part of the Juice Feasting Intro, Begin to Develop a New Way of Seeing the Events of Your Juice Feast as Clear Evidence You Are On Your Hero’s Journey… The Place Where People Report Being the Most Satisfied With Being Alive.




  • Which Juicer Is Best? Should I Even Use a Juicer?

  • Should I Even Use a Juicer?

  • Discover the FASTEST WAY to Make Juice, Based on Decades of Experimentation and Practice With Dozens of Methods… We Show You THE BEST.

  • A Little-Known Kitchen Cleaning Reminder and Tip That Will Save You a Tummyache on a Juice Feast – or in Your Daily Life of Making Juices

  • Everything You Need to Have Your Kitchen Ready for a 1-Day, 5-Day, or 92-Day Juice Feast!





  • A Full List of the Juiceables

  • Designed to Print and Make Shopping for Large Quantities of Juice Feasting Produce EASY

  • Your Trips to the Grocery Store Will Never Have Been as Colorful or Straightforward

  • “What a Healthy Basket” and “You are Looking Great!” Are Funny, Yet Appreciated and Often-Heard Comments by Juice Feasters Carrying This List





  • How to Make Juices Specific to Your Needs for Cleansing, Healing, and Rebuilding

  • Determine How Much Green Vegetable Juice and How Much Fruit Juice is Appropriate to Your Health and Healing

  • The Very Best Juice Combinations We Have Discovered After Decades of Juicing

  • How to Update Your Juices with Superfoods that Enhance and Accelerate Cleansing and Healing!




  • How to Use Green Superfoods on Your Juice Feast – and Which One is Most Beneficial

  • Which Supplement Can Radically Reduce Inflammation and Scar Tissue, Relieving Pain and Bringing Vitality to Your Skin – and Every Cell in Your Body

  • A Supplement with almost Every Known Plant Nutrient In It – That You Can Add Into Your Juice Feast!

  • Discover Which Superfoods Contain up to 65% Protein, Making them the Highest Protein-Content Foods on Earth, and Suitable for Juice Feasting!





  • How to Use Green Superfoods on Your Juice Feast – and Which One is Most Beneficial

  • Green Superfoods are an excellent support for the healing of hypoglycemia, diabetes, chronic fatigue, anemia, ulcers &amp; boosting the immune system.

  • Learn About a Whole Food That Can Rebuild Nerve Damage in the Brain, and is Being Used in Recovery for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

  • Discover Which Superfoods Contain up to 65% Protein, Making them the Highest Protein-Content Foods on Earth





  • How to Start Your Day Off Right – Everyday on a Juice Feast

  • Learn the Morning Practices That Make the Most of Your Time Juice Feasting

  • Discover How to Drink Your Juice on the Feast – and Avoid a Potential Pitfall that Most Juice Feasters Make (if they don’t know this)

  • Find Out from the Pros How to Integrate All Your Juice Feasting Practices and Experiences into Full, Meaningful Days Every Day of Your Feast





  • Keeping Track of Your Experience is Key to Having a Great Juice Feast!

  • Developed by David Rainoshek, M.A. over Years of Juice Feasting and Coaching, The Daily Quick Chart is designed to be, well, QUICK

  • In Just Minutes a Day, See Your Progress Unfold Right Before Your Eyes

  • Have Pages to Look Back Over at a Later Date to Remind You of Your Juice Feasting Experiences – Your Healing, and How Far You Have Come… and What’s Next!





  • Closing Your Juice Feast is an Important and Memorable Experience in Your Life

  • Learn How to Close a Juice Feast of ANY LENGTH – From 1 to 92 Days – with Grace

  • Educate Yourself on the Common Pitfalls of Closing Any Cleanse, and How to Avoid Them

  • Gain Key Insights on When To Reincorporate Certain Foods Back Into Your Diet

  • Know the Best Supplements and Superfoods and Herbs to Take After a Juice Feast to Shift Your Health to the Next Stage





  • There are Great Questions Every Juice Feaster Has… and We Have Answers

  • Get the Best Collection of Q&A Created and Organized from Decades of Combined Coaching and Juice Feasting Experience

  • Organized By Topic for Easy Reading

  • Enlighten Yourself as a Juice Feasting Practitioner and Advocate by Getting In on Years of Experience at Your Fingertips





  • Energize Yourself for the Hero’s Journey of Juice Feasting and Healing with Great Interviews from Leading Advocates

  • Learn About the Creation of Juice Feasting

  • Hear Colleagues such as Mike Adams and Kevin Gianni Discuss Juice Feasting and Their Experiences with David and Katrina Rainoshek

  • Listen to a Rare Radio Broadcast by David Rainoshek on his Work on Deep Foods from his chapter in Raw Food Works

  • Downloadable for your mobile device – listen to these anywhere!




Discuss each Section in-depth with a Full and Engaged Community of Juice Feasting Advocates.

Get in on others Insights, Experiences, and Applications of Juice Feasting and Other Essential Health Life Practices!

Receive Updates from the CREW Leaders on Juice Feasting Developments, Including Crew Member Forum Feedback and Observations, New Life Practices, Interviews with Cutting-edge Nutrition Researchers and Leaders, All Geared to Inform and Inspire YOU.



  • The Seven Stages of Disease

  • The Hero’s Journey

  • The Lymphatic System Report

  • And More Inside…

  • The Green Superfoods Report

  • The Spectrum of Diet with David R.

  • Honoring and Releasing Practice

  • The Soy Report



  • How to Use Green Superfoods on Your Juice Feast – and Which One is Most Beneficial

  • Green Superfoods are an excellent support for the healing of hypoglycemia, diabetes, chronic fatigue, anemia, ulcers &amp; boosting the immune system.

  • Learn About a Whole Food That Can Rebuild Nerve Damage in the Brain, and is Being Used in Recovery for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

  • Discover Which Superfoods Contain up to 65% Protein, Making them the Highest Protein-Content Foods on Earth

  • These Superfoods contain Essential Fatty Acids and neurochemicals that are clinically proven to reduce depression, and greatly enhance creativity

  • MicroAlgaes are one of the most potent anti-radiation foods known

  • Download the results of decades of proven clinical research on algae including specific health benefits for people of every age and level of health




  • Disease Does Not Just Happen: It Progresses Through KNOWN STAGES

  • Learn the Stages of Disease, and HOW to REMOVE Them from Your Life

  • Get in on The Health Practices, Supplements, and Superfoods with the Most Traction at Reversing the Seven Stages of Disease

  • See Clearly Why Juice Feasting is Designed to Significantly Remove the Underlying Causes of Disease, and Why Seasonal Juice Feasting is so Dramatically Effective.


  • Understand Your Dietary Journey in the Context of a Larger Picture: Your Own Life Development and that of All of Western Society

  • Remove The Stuck Places in Your Own Dietary Journey.

  • Learn The Pitfalls – Nutritional, Moral, and Lifestyle – That Are Most Common… and How to Avoid Them

  • Benefit from David Rainoshek’s over 35 Years’ Experience Eating the Entire Spectrum of Diet

  • If You Are Feeling Dietarily Confused… or Know People Who Are… This is for YOU!


  • We are also including a 1-hour video on a most Powerful Coaching Topic: THE HERO’S JOURNEY

  • Over the years, clients have found this to be a deeply meaningful understanding of their own path of healing, and their whole life.

  • Based on the work of Joseph Campbell

  • Video Includes an Interview with Colleague Angela Stokes-Monarch

  • Understand Juice Feasting as a Hero’s Journey, to Set Fire to Your Passion for a Truly Engaged Life Practice of Juice Feasting!




  • Juice Feasting is About More Than Physical Letting Go and Healing

  • Most Juice Feasters Find Themselves Wanting to Clean Up Other Parts of Their Lives

  • Learn the Practice David Rainoshek has Taught Thousands to Use During and After Juice Feasts to Let Go with Love.

  • A Practice Inspired by a Zen Master, Developed by the Creator of Juice Feasting, and Perfected by YOU.




  • Your Lymph is a MAJOR POWERHOUSE of Cleansing and Healing on a Juice Feast

  • Learn How to Recognize Lymph Congestion, and What Foods and Superfoods are BEST for Clearing It

  • Learn THE BEST WAY to Move Lymph, Bar-None

  • Appreciate the Miracle of Your Body – and of Juice Feasting – at a Whole New Level



  • You Might be Surprised to Learn that this Widely Mass-Produced, Monocropped Bean isn’t all its Claimed to be – by Agribusiness *or* the Health Industry

  • Literally Thousands of Foods have Soy Protein, Soybean Oil, and Whole Soybeans in Them…

  • Find out the True Research on Soy, and See the Information that We Provide our Private Clients


Nightly Coaching for 8 Nights with Crew Leaders $45/Night x 8 Nights = $360.00

David Rainoshek’s Juice Feasting Prep Course: $47.00

The Complete Juice Feasting Bonus Pack: $225.00

Juice Feasting as a Life Practice with Friends: Priceless!

==> Your Total Value is $632.00 + Priceless Healing, Coaching, and Community <==







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